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    Membership Application

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  • Why Join Accord Network?

    In this time of rapid change, Accord Network fosters a collaborative spirit allowing relief and development organizations to learn together, work together, and to leverage the multiplier effect.

    Accord Network helps its members reach their full potential by sharing knowledge, skills, and support. Accord™ members are not limited to their own learning curve—they have ready access to the collective knowledge of over 60 organizations that collectively leverage over $3 billion of resources annually. Accord™ member agencies give away what they have learned to others.

    Accord Network sets standards for members that allow them to show donors that they adhere to principles that exceed legal regulations or that of other agencies. These ideals are contained in Accord™’s Gifts-in Kind Standards, Principles of Practice, Financial Standards, and the Statement of Faith.


    What Members are Saying

    “Doing ministry in the international context demands the highest standards, strong collaboration, and timely advocacy on issues our community faces. Accord provides the venues where relationships are built, and staff educated so that we can be ever improving representatives of Christ.”
    Andy Ryskamp
    US Director, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC)

    “Cross International is a young Christian ministry that has profited from membership in Accord Network — among other reasons, due to the lessons learned that have been shared with us by Christian ministries like World Vision, Compassion International and World Concern who have been involved in relief and development for many years.”
    David R Adams
    Vice President for Missions, Cross International

    “When I first came back to the States and took a leadership role at ECHO, it was only through the Accord network that I had the opportunity to connect with fellow CEOs with both the mentoring from more experienced CEOs and a clearer understanding of the various faith-based ministries in the USA.”
    Stan Doerr

    President and CEO, ECHO

    “We at TWR have been involved in many partnerships and associations, but rarely have I observed a grouping of organizations that works together as collaboratively and selflessly as the Accord™ members. Everyone seems to realize that we are stronger when we partner together.”
    Thomas Watkins, CSP

    U.S. Director, Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships, Trans World Radio

    “Membership in Accord has dramatically increased EMI’s partnering with like-minded organizations to better reach the developing world with the whole gospel of Christ.”
    Craig Hoffman

    Vice President, Strategic Development, Engineering Ministries International

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