Suffer the Children

The face of global poverty is at its most hideous when it profoundly affects the world’s children. Millions of children suffer every day to a degree unimaginable. They lack the basic necessities of life, and undergo trials most of us will never face. These are children that live in our own backyards, let alone those living in the Global South. In our information-saturated lives, it is easy to believe that we cannot do anything significant to change these terrible realities. Gary and Jane Smith’s book Suffer the Children disagrees.

Suffer the Children is especially relevant during this time of year, as National Children’s Day, June 11th, approaches. Gary and Jane’s book advocates that you and I can change the fate of many children “through praying, giving generously, sponsoring children, volunteering with aid organizations, living more simply, investing and shopping more prudently, and advocating more zealously in the political arena.” They outline these practical solutions with real examples and data that will push you to get involved, and encourage you to keep striving.

Accord Network is happy to recommend Suffer the Children as a solid resource to better understand child poverty, how to get involved, and what you can specifically do to help.