Congressional Fly-in Opportunity

Our friends at Food for the Hungry are offering Accord Members a special opportunity to help promote foreign assistance, including potential funding for your leadership to fly into Washington DC this summer. 

Currently, funding for foreign assistance makes up less than 1% of the Federal budget and is under threat of being cut. Cutting poverty focused relief and development assistance won't fix our federal budget problems, but it will have devastating consequences in the most fragile regions of the world. Many of Accord's membership depend heavily on government grants to function; this issue should be of utmost importance, and the time to act is now.

Because we believe in the power of our member's voices, Accord is partnering with FH to offer a great vehicle to make your voices heard on Capitol Hill. Members of Congress only support foreign assistance programs if they hear that it matters to constituent community leaders like you.

Please take a moment to review this document and RSVP using the link at its conclusion. We look forward to partnering with you, and hope to see you in DC this summer!

Jon CreasyComment