Accord Members Respond in Force to Hurricanes Harvey/Irma

For many years, faith-based relief and development organizations have joined Accord because they had a desire to be "better together." Often, their efforts fly under the radar - they do incredible work on a daily basis that is hidden from the spotlight. But now, in the wake of domestic natural disaster, Accord Network Members do what they do best, serving those here at home who are most in need.

Below you will find a list of Accord organizations who are actively involved in responding to the disaster that is Hurricane Harvey and Irma, followed by a summary of their activity. Feel free to share their work to let others know of the good that's being done on our coasts.

Attack Poverty
Convoy of Hope
Forward Edge
Foursquare Disaster Relief
Giving Children Hope
Global Aid Network (GAiN)
Lifeline Christian Mission
Mission Aviation Fellowship
Outreach Aid to the Americas
Water Mission
World Hope
World Renew

Attack Poverty

At Attack Poverty, we are empowering people to attack poverty in their life and community. We are a global organization that serves locally breaking the cycle of generational poverty. Our mission is to strengthen under-resourced communities through spiritual growth, education, revitalization and basic needs. Propeled by our value of faith in action, we do this in partnership with the local church, residents, businesses, and community leaders by adopting pockets of poverty, launching what we call Friends Initiatives and making a long-term commitment to go deep and really care about the things that community cares about. Our approach is deeply intentional, both strategically and geographically.
Attack Poverty currently serves on 2 Continents in 8 communities, personally impacting over 15,000 people. Two of the communities where were have been doing our community development work were hit especially hard with flooding a second time in 15 months! We were already walking alongside folks in the Richmond, Rosenberg area and doing rebuilding work from the “Tax Day” Brazos River flood.

In our response to Harvey, we have completed over 200 asessments, mobilized approximately 800 volunteers, completed 50 muck and gut cleanups with 70 remaining. This will be followed by the work of disenfecting 100 homes. When that work is complete we will follow-up with all of those families and begin the repair/rebuild/reconstruction process. We believe 70% of those will need assitance of some kind. This is a 12-18 month process.

The three initiatives where we are doing Harvey recovery are: 
Friends of North Rosenberg 503 3rd St. Rosenberg, TX – Contact (North Rosenberg & the Cummings Rd. area)
Friends of of North Richmond 1305 Clay St. Richmond, TX  - Contact (North Richmond & the Riveredge community)
Friends of Northside in Houston, TX - Contact (Near Northside community) 

Please use the coordinating contact information to volunteer. Donations can be made at

Please pray for families in this grieving process. 
Pray for hope and strength for families to take the next step. 
Pray for families that are waiting to hear if they will be officially displaced.
Pray for Attack Poverty as we collaborate across all sectors to lead with integrity for the glory of God

Thank you!

Convoy of Hope

Since Hurricane Harvey hit, Convoy of Hope has served 47 cities in Southeast Texas, delivered more than 100 loads totaling 3 million pounds of emergency relief supplies and served nearly 150,000 people. Additionally, Convoy of Hope has pre-positioned supplies and a team to respond to Hurricane Irma, as it causes mass destruction throughout the Caribbean and makes landfall in the U.S. Follow the responses at


Our Disaster Response ministry is comprised of architects and engineers specially trained to provide structural assessments and repairs, WASH services and various hazard assessments and mitigation measures. We partner with other Christian organizations in their responses, helping enable them serve the most vulnerable. If any Accord Network members are responding and in need of such services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Forward Edge

Forward Edge is among the Accord agencies responding to Hurricane Harvey. We have 25-years of experience in disaster-response work, including long-term recovery efforts after hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and the 2010 earthquake ion Haiti. Forward Edge mobilized more than 3,000 volunteers from around the country to serve in the Gulf Coast after Katrina, and more than 1,000 to serve in Haiti.

As always, our plan is to remain involved in the Harvey recovery effort long after the first responders have gone and the media has moved on. We have strong church partners in the Houston area, a retired U.S. Army colonel with disaster-response experience in the Gulf Coast, Haiti, the Philippines and Nepal serving as our full-time field coordinator, and the necessary vehicles, tools, and logistical infrastructure to respond effectively to the Harvey disaster. Our initial focus will be gutting the homes of the most vulnerable: widows, the elderly, single moms, etc.

Churches interested in sending teams to serve with Forward Edge in Texas can contact Ashley Hughes at or call 360.574.3343.

May the Lord bless all of our efforts to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the wake of this national tragedy!

Foursquare Disaster Relief

Foursquare Disaster Relief has responded to Harvey in the Gulf. We have operations going in Houston, Katy, Angleton, and Hitchcock Texas. Working through local churches to provide relief to communities affected by the storms. We have operated as temporary shelter for victims, feeding and point of distribution partners, clean up/muck out operations, and chaplain and spiritual and emotional care support. We have seen thousands helped through our efforts in Texas, and have celebrated 25 salvations along the way as people receive physical and spiritual care.
We are assessing and planning to respond to Irma as it moves through the Caribbean. We have works in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, St Croix all poised to respond depending on the level of damages by the storm. Pre-positioning supplies in some locations to move quickly to meet need. We also are pre-positioning response assets in Florida and Georgia for the US path.
Our needs in Texas are:
Shower/Restroom trailer- Our local church partners don’t have adequate facilities for outside volunteer assistance. Shower and Restroom trailer is desperately needed
Kitchen Trailer- Similarly our capacity through local partners for outside volunteers is limited, and kitchen facilities needed for volunteers as well as serving victims and responders.
Cleaning supplies
Building material-In the coming months/weeks
Gift Cards/Finances

Giving Children Hope

Giving Children Hope has responded to Hurricane Harvey and plan to send to Hurricane Irma. We are in need of trucking for both. Additionally, we are looking for a portable EKG, and first aid kits for Hurricane Irma. Any connections for these would be much appreciated. Please contact jon[at]accordnetwork[dot]org.

Lifeline Christian Mission

Lifeline Christian Mission is packaging meals (oatmeal and a rice and beans mix) that can be distributed.  So if any organization or church could use donations we may have surplus to give from beyond our network we are distributing through. Please contact jon[at]accordnetwork[dot]org if you are interested in connecting with Lifeline Christian Mission.

Mission Aviation Fellowship

On Friday, 8 September 2017, the MAF team in Haiti completed an aerial survey over the northern part of the country, which was hardest hit by Hurricane Irma.

Although they observed water in some fields and other places it shouldn’t have been, there seems to be little damage. John Munsell, acting program manager, said, “I have lived and flown in Haiti for 20 years and have completed many survey flights over this area so I feel that I know this area well.  In my opinion, the condition of these areas is normal -- whatI would expect after a heavy rain.  In all of our flying, I didn't see any trees down, roofs off, or major roads blocked.”

Aerial Survey Map & Images
The images taken on the survey flight are displayed in a Google Earth (kmz) file – this uses the Google Satellite maps to then show the location of each photo.  Download the KMZ file linked below, and open in Google Earth to view.  You may need to zoom in quite a bit to view individual pictures.  (When zoomed out, the images will appear “stacked” on top of each other and are difficult to view.)  Once zoomed in a bit, you can also click on a “stack” of images and it will expand to show the images with lines pointing to the specific GPS locations. 

Direct link to just the KMZ (Google Earth) File:

The Google Earth file uses small, thumbnail images for its display.  It shows the file names of the individual images in white.  If you would like to view more detail on any specific images, look for the number at the end of the file name and you can then find the higher res versions of those images from the link below. 

All Images (KMZ is included here as well):

We also have most of these images in a RAW file format (super high resolution, huge file).  If you have need of the RAW images, please contact Laura Hibberd (


Mennonite Central Committee (MCC; has high capacity to respond to needs following Hurricane Irma in Haiti and Cuba based on our experience in disaster response and our cooperation and ongoing work with partner organizations in both countries. In Haiti, MCC has pre-positioned material resources, including canned meat, blankets, relief kits and water purification tablets, for distribution to 500 families immediately after the storm passes. An MCC representative will travel to Cuba as soon as conditions allow to meet with partners and plan a response there. Follow MCC on Facebook for updates. 

Outreach Aid to the Americas

Florida Relief Logistics Coordination

In collaboration with Reach Out America delivering relief aid from three staging warehouses located in central Florida, West Palm Beach and Miami area. Partners include: Feed The Children, Convoy of Hope, Compassion International, and LAPARKAN Industries.

Caribbean and Cuba Relief Aid

Providing humanitarian aid mostly blankets, hygiene Kits and food packets to Cuba, Haiti, and CARICOM islands. Partners include: Harvest International, Feed my Starving Children, Matthew 25 Ministries, Feeding the Nations, and IOS Partners.

Water Mission

Water Mission has a disaster response team in place and is on standby for the duration of Irma.  We have equipment and human resources available to respond should we be called upon to assist.  This includes our Charleston team as well as our Haiti and Honduras teams.  As of this communication we have not been contacted for any assistance but are maintaining a state of readiness. 

In the wake of a storm like Hurricane Irma, access to safe water is essential to prevent the spread of disease. Currently, Water Mission is responding with full force in St. Martin and other Caribbean islands as needed. We will have staff on the ground within twenty-four hours, working with partners to provide safe water to those in dire need. Staff from our nearby country programs, such as Honduras, are on standby.

Please pray for the people affected by the storm and for our staff as they work to serve those in dire need. To join us in our disaster response efforts, please visit

Additionally we're are also in standby mode for possible response to the 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Chiapas Mx. Please reach out to Mark Baker, Project Manager LAC, if you become aware of a situation where Water Mission can assist.

World Hope

Dear Friends,

It’s moving to see your response to help those hurting in Houston. Your efforts are not only helping to meet the physical needs of the tens of thousands of people impacted by Hurricane Harvey, but you are also making way for hope - that comes from Christ - through your generous acts of love. 

Many have chosen to give financially, volunteer time and give supplies to help.  Companies, like Brink Truck Lines in Holland, MI, have opened their warehouse doors to stage supplies ready to be shipped to Texas. Christ Wesleyan Church in Milton, PA collected 22 pallets worth of bottled water. That was before they filled an additional tractor trailer by taking turns volunteering outside their local Walmart, encouraging shoppers to help fill the truck! Every day, we receive stories from churches across the nation showing up for those in need. Thank you!

Even with your outpouring of support, we all know that this is just the beginning of a long journey to help rebuild lives shattered by this disaster.

There’s still time to help! Along with prayer, please consider:

Giving a Donation: Gifts of any size will help purchase emergency supplies and equipment for the recovery phase and establish a base of operations for support. Donate here or call 703-594-8527.

Collecting Supplies: Diapers, baby wipes, water, nonperishable food items (also crackers, cookies & granola bars), new blankets, new towels, new undergarments for children (including socks), hand sanitizers, hygiene products, heavy duty large trash bags, and duct tape have all been specifically requested on the ground in Texas. Collected items may be shipped by Sept. 30th to: Brink Truck Lines, Hurricane Relief, 3899 58th St., Holland, MI 49423.  Please label your supplies “Harvey Relief Supplies” and provide a written inventory of supplies.

*Note: You can order supplies from Amazon and have them directly shipped to the collection address!

Volunteering: World Hope is partnering with Poured-Out ministries for coordination of volunteers at our staging area on the outskirts of Houston. Contact for trip information.

I am honored to stand beside you on behalf of those hurting in Houston. Thank you for your support!

In addition, please check out World Hope's involvement with (1) Freetown mudslides, (2) responding to Irma, and (3) responding to Harvey.

World Renew

Irma - Haiti: World Renew is preparing to respond with the resources available. In Haiti and the Dominican Republic, World Renew has local partners that will be well positioned to respond to the needs if the destruction is extensive.

Irma - Florida: World Renew knows that there could be significant needs in Florida and other areas in Irma’s path.  With connections with churches, federal and local officials,  and volunteers in Florida, World Renew is monitoring the situation and will respond as needed. In the weeks and months to come DRS will ensure that recovery services can be provided for people most affected by Hurricane Irma.

Harvey - World Renew has been connecting with partner organizations in Texas, both at the local and federal level, as well as churches in the affected area. World Renew will be in Texas in September laying the foundation for long-term recovery. Plans are being made to send volunteers to help with clean-up. Volunteers have been alerted to continue to be on the ready to help in the months to come.