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Christ-centered relief and development organizations sometimes feel overwhelmed with the task, not wanting to “go it alone.”

We’ve cultivated a community of effective organizations committed to helping each other learn, stay focused, and succeed in their efforts to lift the world’s poor.

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Connect with likeminded peers and believers

Your job is difficult, and you shouldn't do it alone!

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Access the experience of 110,000 relief and development practitioners

You don't need to wonder if you're doing your job the best way.

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Efficiently expand your ministry with others

With guidance, support, and learning materials, your ministry will boom!

Discover what it's like to be a part of Accord Network's 110,000 employees who are committed to their work, their cause, and each other:



"Being part of Accord truly feels like having greater, deeper access to the part of the Body of Believers that works in the integral mission world globally."

-Michael Cerna, Mission:Hope

3 Easy Ways You Can get Involved with Accord Network:

90 Organizations ‌•110,000 employees ‌‌• $4.4 billion in combined reach

Accord Network helps our members reach their full potential by operating in community—sharing knowledge, skills, and support with one another. Our members are not limited to their own learning curve—they have ready access to the collective knowledge of 110,000 employees that collectively leverage over $4.4 billion of resources annually.


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