Finance and Support Services Director - Sudan

Provide overall leadership, oversight and management support for all aspects of financial management in the National Office. This position is seen as a strategic partner, member of the Senior Management/Leadership Team of the NO, with a focus on ensuring accountability, stewardship, coordinating planning and budgeting processes, providing accurate financial data, analysis and advices, as well as developing financial strategy that best serves the NO strategic and program objectives. Responsible for the finance staff capacity strengthening, the development and implementation of good internal controls, risk management, and utilization and safe guarding of assets according to WV approved policies and procedures.

Provide leadership to the Supply Chain team ensuring that the procurement of organizational resources is executed effectively, efficiently and economically.

Provide overall leadership to the ICT team and ensure that the office has reliable, sufficient connectivity and the organizations information systems and resources are adequately protected.

Provide overall leadership to the Administration function ensuring that the national office is effectively supported and staff have a clean, secure and hospitable place to work.

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