Gifts-in-Kind Director

Position Title: Director of Gifts-in-Kind

Department: Gifts-in-Kind & Shipping

Reports to:  Vice President for Missions

Educational or Certification Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in related field required.

  • Master’s degree preferred.  

Experience Requirements:

  • Minimum of 7+ years’ work experience in GIK solicitation, particularly from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) serving those in need around the world and domestically -- both as regards ongoing provision and natural and man-made disasters -- and from pharmaceutical companies; corporations, etc.

  • Previous performance ‘record of success’ in driving revenue from programs of distinction, and in adherence with expense budgets.

  • Experience in fundraising for GIK and non-profit shipping essential.

  • Field-tested monitoring and evaluation skills and application.

  • Record of accomplishment in developing and helping others develop successful fund raising proposals.

  • Extensive tactical engagement working in developing countries and diverse cultural environments.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required/Preferred:

  • Managerial experience in both projects and staff essential, as well as record of accomplishment in fundraising for GIK and non-profit shipping.

  • Extensive GIK and/or logistics experience preferred.

  • Skills in identifying goals and targets, creating plans to engage the appropriate people at diverse organizations, and closing the deal.  

  • Demonstrates a sense of urgency, attention to detail and follow-up; thrives in a fast-paced environment with ability to prioritize, manage simultaneously multiple projects and activities with variable deadlines.  

  • Excellent analytical capacity and negotiation skills.   

  • Experience in management, finance/accounting or related experience.

  • In-depth understanding and use of inventory management/supply chain management systems.

  • Past responsibility for developing policies, procedures, and processes, as well as monitoring and evaluation methodologies.

  • Proven success in cross-functional collaboration.

  • Abilities in financial analysis of complex operations.

  • Proficient knowledge of developing countries, cultures and ability to communicate cross-culturally.  

  • Excellent organizational skills, preferably with nonprofits.

Managerial responsibilities:

The Director of Gifts-In-Kind supervises the GIK International Development and Procurement Officer, and the GIK International Program Officer.

Principal responsibilities:

  • Provide principled Christian leadership for the provision of GIK services.

  • Oversee GIK program planning for all GIK recipients within a given calendar year, approving new and existing partner agencies in coordination with GIK Director of Administration and Logistics, meeting revenue generation targets and aiding in expense reduction to maximize efficiency.

  • Manage a portfolio of donor prospects with the goal of initiating or increasing activity each calendar year, with assistance of those reporting to him including GIK International Development and Procurement Officer.

  • Initiate personal visits with current and prospective donors in each calendar year for the purpose of identifying, cultivating, qualifying, soliciting, and stewarding gifts; increase revenue through coordinating business acquisition activities of the GIK Development and Procurement Officer.  

  • Confirm product donations and expected timing with the GIK donors, communicating this information to Director of Administration and Logistics and staff members for planning and shipping activity; comply with minimum GIK Team standards for volume, mix, and dating of GIK, revenue-service fee generation, and GIK acceptance standards, etc.  

  • Provide technical advice, assistance and support to donors and Cross staff.  Work with GIK Director of Administration and Logistics to create strategies with specific action plans to achieve department income goals for each calendar year.  

  • Measure income donations against monthly projections to ensure department goals are being met, e.g., for GIK partners’ service fee, freight reimbursement.  

  • Develop and maintain relationships with authorities, churches, donors, and other NGOs within each country and the U.S., with the objective of fulfilling Cross GIK goals of serving the poorest of the poor, for both CCO and CI.

  • Work and travel extensively in the country of assignment as well as internationally to attend various senior management and project meetings in country of assignment, region and Cross International partnership.

  • Develop personal relationships with key partners, senior managers and executives in other nonprofit humanitarian agencies.

  • Assist in managing GIK/Shipping work in progress for GIK partners, earning customer satisfaction to promote repeat business.

  • Responsible for developing processes, procedures, and systems to guarantee that GIK partner – related documentation to be maintained for all GIK activity.  

  • Participate in development of GIK operations budget with the GIK Director of Administration, monitoring its revenue and expense goals; ensuring GIK team submits required internal reports in timely fashion.

  • Collaborate and participate throughout the organization in cross-functional teams to define goals, requirements, expectations, and deadlines for GIK projects.  

  • Participate in GIK/Shipping department strategic planning.

  • Commit to helping team achieve new Cross International Strategic Plan.

  • Participate in multi-departmental projects support, e.g., Boxes of Joy [BOJ], Development team fundraising projects.

  • Manage donor compliance requirements, in liaison with the GIK Director of Administration and Logistics.

  • Manage all GIK Communications and PR initiatives with internal and external stakeholders, with assistance of the GIK Program Officer, and the GIK Development and Procurement Officer.

  • Manage the approval and edits of all GIK activities related to fundraising appeals, Direct Mail appeals, donor proposals, Web fundraising appeals (Christmas catalog), Radio, etc.

  • Supervise all GIK activities related to disaster relief efforts in direct liaison with the GIK International Program Officer and other internal and external stakeholders. Including the procurement and transportation of IEHKs and MMPs as necessary.

  • Provide Christian leadership in Integral Mission for the GIK department and for other Cross International/Cross Catholic Outreach employees.

  • Actively participate in the hiring, training, and coaching of new GIK staff in compliance with department’s budgetary and administrative procedures and standards.

  • Develop and maintain GIK Department relationships with ACCORD Network and other international Christian aid organizations.Candidates must have a minimum of seven years' experience in international GIK management and GIK solicitation.

The position is located in Pompano Beach, Florida.  CVs should be emailed to