Chief Financial Officer, Family Legacy

The Chief Financial Officer position is accountable for the functional areas of financial accounting and reporting, budgeting, human resources, tax, and treasury.

Reporting and Supervisory Relationships

Reports to Chief Executive Officer/President, plus to the Chairman of the Board’s Finance committee.  Several of the Board’s ten members have strong financial backgrounds. Reporting to the CFO are an accountant, a staff accountant, a Controller (an open position) and in Zambia a Manager of Field Accounting with a staff of three nationals.  The CFO is a member of the Executive Leadership Team.

Typical Responsibilities


  • In coordination with other team members develop overall budget and manage budget process.

  • Assist in formulating the organization’s future need, cash flow and supporting tactical initiatives.

  • Provide analysis and input for meeting spending requirements and ensuring the restrictions on donations given for specific purposes.


  • Participate in key decisions as a member of the Executive Leadership Team.

  • Maintain in-depth relations and support all members of the Leadership Team.

  • Manage the functional areas of financial accounting and reporting, budgeting, international cash transfers, tax, and treasury.

  • Create a “dashboard” of key monthly financial indicators that meets the needs of the CEO and Board including budget vs. actual.

  • Signature authority on checks and online banking, and back up on all legal documents.

  • Retirement plan and benefits plan administrator.

  • Oversee payroll and benefits administration.

  • Gives oversight to debt management and lines of credit, to include debt schedules and insuring timely payments are made.

  • Corporate Secretary responsible for recording minutes board meetings.

  • Coordinate preparation and review of annual tax returns, including some schedule preparation.  

Risk Management

  • Establish appropriate internal controls.

  • Maintain appropriate business insurance coverage.

  • Responsible for charitable organization, tax, and foreign reporting compliance.

  • Review all legal contracts prior to CEO’s approval.

  • Ensure that record keeping meets the requirements of auditors and government agencies.

Third Parties

  • Coordinate annual review/audit of financial statements and maintain relationship with outside auditors and lay the groundwork for a Zambian audit.

  • Maintain banking and custodian relationships.

  • Coordinate with the VP-Human Resources on maintaining superior employee benefits and excellent service to employees.

  • Maintain office building owner and property manager relationships in Irving.


Personal Attributes

  • Has a passion for the mission and work of Legacy Family, both the orphans in Zambia as well as the sponsoring families who are transformed by their relationships and support of these orphans.

  • The ability to be objective and analytical and to handle and coordinate a variety of tasks simultaneously as necessary.

  • Excellent business writing skills.

  • Curiosity, resourcefulness, and openness to fresh approaches are highly desirable, as are honesty, discretion, and humility.

  • Proven ability to approach issues with an open mind, objectivity, and creativity.

  • Ability to synthesize a large amount of complex information into a clear and concise summary.

  • Must possess the gravitas to relate to sophisticated leaders, whether donors, sponsors or board members.

  • Exemplifies being a leader who is caring, helpful, prudent, and honorable.

  • Is known for wisdom, humility, a servant’s heart, stability, and is trustworthy.

  • Has integrity, stands behind his/her convictions, treats people fairly, and is known for doing the right thing.

  • Has a fresh perspective; is open to opposing viewpoints and able to engage with convicted civility.

  • Is gracious, approachable, personable, collegial, and authentic.

  • Values good works and seeks personal growth; is an encourager and a mentor.

  • Is decisive, yet thoughtful; can make tough decisions yet is sensitive to others.

  • Has a healthy level of energy, yet balances work with personal or family needs.

  • Is driven for excellence and is a positive example in all dimensions of personal and trust-related life.

  • Will find great satisfaction in carrying on what is already going well, but at the same time, helping to make it even better.

Experience and Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance or related field. CPA and/or MBA preferred in Accounting or Finance.

  • 10+ years’ experience in a senior financial managerial position

  • Experience on the leadership team of a non-profit institution is valuable.