Burundi Technical Advisor

Application deadline: July 07, 2019

The Technical Advisor (TA) is to provide critical expertise and insight into the performance of HOPE International’s (HOPE) savings group (SG) program and act as an essential resource to the field by strengthening local capacity in key areas of responsibility. The TA will assist the Country Director (CD) with the development and sustainability of a high impact HOPE-Led savings group program. The role will focus on quality systems and processes, meaningful relationship management, and expertise supporting the establishment, delivery, and continuous improvement of the savings group program. The TA role will include a core group of primary responsibilities as well as a range of potential responsibilities which may be added to enlarge the role to suit program needs and/or the gifts and skills of the individual.

  • Location: Bujumbura, Burundi, Burundi

  • Level: Professional

  • Type: Full-time

  • Department: Programs

  • Reports to: Burundi SG Country Director


  • Promote and fulfill the mission and vision of HOPE International.

  • Spiritual Integration and Christian Witness

  • Support the Spiritual Integration department in ensuring focus on the program’s Christ- centered mission and vision and promotion spiritual growth among staff, group members, and other associated parties, such as through weekly devotions and discipleship meetings.

  • Ensure a personal healthy spiritual balance within family, work, and church life through the adoption of Biblical, personal, and spiritual disciplines.

  • Relationship Management

  • Assist the Country Director (CD) in supporting the program by maintaining excellent relationships with the staff and executive management, seeking collaborative opportunities between HOPE’s headquarter’s office, known as Central Service Unit (CSU), and the field office.

  • Serve as a cross-cultural link between the local team and HOPE CSU, providing unique insight and guidance to ensure healthy and effective communication.

  • Project Management

  • Take ownership of managing major projects within the program, especially those projects that cut across program functions and involve both program staff and CSU staff. These major projects would vary based on the needs of the program, but would include changes to technology, methodology, and products/services.

  • Support other departments in moving major projects forward and in improving project management tools.

  • Support other staff members in development of familiarity and expertise with HOPE tools and technology such as Quill, Power BI, Box, Adaptive, and Excel, whenever necessary.

  • Listening, Monitoring, & Evaluation

  • Under the guidance of CSU LM&E team, serve as the project manager (or coordinator) of in country M&E activities of the SG program

  • Work with CSU LM&E team to design overall listening and survey strategy for the program, assisting in the design, contextualization, and implementation of core listening, monitoring, and evaluation tools (e.g. HOPE Quotient) and piloting tools (when applicable)

  • Oversee the execution of the listening and survey work, both via internal staff/volunteers as well as external enumerators

  • In collaboration with the CSU LM&E team, synthesize survey information for review, conduct analysis for presentation to core stakeholders (e.g. field/CSU management, church partners), and champion improvements in SG program resulting from listening and analysis

  • Operational Reporting & Analysis

  • Provide support to country director and team in implementation of existing and new reporting, analysis, audit, and other associated tools and follow up with action items

  • Assist country leadership to ensure the timely submission of operational reports required for internal reporting, donors, auditors, the local government and other parties

  • Marketing Liaison

  • Provide oversight to planning and execution of field visits by donors, HOPE staff, and friends of HOPE, and act as point person with CSU marketing staff

  • Provide onsite assistance to CSU marketing staff in relation to collecting member/group stories, imaged and other marketing impact reporting needs

  • Support local communications strategy and sharing member/group stories with local partners

  • Other Responsibilities: The following are other potential areas of responsibilities dependent on the needs of country leadership. These will be determined later depending on program candidates and candidate gifts/skills.

  • Provide support to the Finance & Administration Manager, especially in the budgeting and reforecasting processes, as needed

  • Provide support to the CD in preparation of reports and presentations

  • Supporting the development and implementation of special projects and pilots

  • Assist in recruitment and retention process for new staff and interns

  • Development and implementation of staff enrichment and development initiatives and required trainings (i.e. anti-fraud training)

  • Facilitating innovation and collaboration across the field (partners, field staff and volunteers) and CSU to improve the quality and service of SGs

  • Building capacity on the local team on specific skills and expertise

  • Coordinate logistics for all regional/global HOPE staff meetings/conferences hosted by SG in-country. Examples could include SG country director meetings, HOPE global SG meetings.

  • Provide support to country leadership in the areas of training, spiritual integration, and quality assurance as requested.

  • Attend HOPE’s Annual Leadership Summit in order to facilitate lateral learning and relationship building among the programs within HOPE’s network.


  • Personal confession of Christian faith and commitment to the mission and vision of HOPE International.

  • A minimum of 6 months experience working at HOPE International CSU (Central Services Unit in Lancaster, PA) preferred, or a minimum of 2 years’ experience in international development.

  • Qualifying degree in business administration, international development or similar field of study.

  • Skilled leader, with excellent understanding of cross-cultural communications, workplace relationships, church relations, and the ability to relate to and effectively motivate staff.

  • Highly flexible and creative in coping with stressful and frustrating situations; able to live, manage, and work cross-culturally in a developing world context with limited resources. Experience living and thriving in a cross-cultural context is strongly preferred.

  • Project management experience.

  • Highly organized with strong attention to detail.

  • Assertive self-starter with demonstrated ability to work both independently and collaboratively.

  • Fluent in spoken and written English and an ability to develop other language comprehension. Proficiency in French is an added advantage.

  • Excellent written, verbal, and computer-based communication skills.

  • Passion and ability to self-educate regarding SG and MF methodologies and systems.

  • Passion to help the underprivileged to regain hope, dignity, and the ability to support themselves and their families.

  • Demonstrated acumen in and/or capability to quickly learn applicable technology systems (e.g. Excel, PPT, Box, Wrike, Adaptive)

  • Commitment of at least 2 – 3 years expected.

To apply for this position, and to read a full description, please visit the member site here.