Volunteer Coordinator

Who We Are:

Water Mission® is a Christian Engineering Ministry focused on saving lives by providing sustainable access to safe water and sharing the good news of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.  As a Christian ministry we exist to honor God by loving Him, loving other people, and being intentional about sharing God’s love for us through his Son Jesus. As an engineering organization we design, construct, and implement safe water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions for people in developing countries and disasters.

The ministry was founded in 2001 as a 501(c)3 public charity.  Our commitment to our Core Values of Love, Excellence, and Integrity has positioned the ministry to be used by God to develop innovative engineering and community development systems, processes, procedures, and technologies that have provided safe water and the Gospel to over four million people in 55 countries. Currently, Water Mission is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina where a staff of approximately 70 engineers and specialists in the areas of logistics, community development, Biblical stewardship, marketing and communications, donor care, finance/accounting, and information technology, support a global staff of approximately 350 engineers, technicians, community development specialists, and support personnel in country programs located in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Charity Navigator has awarded Water Mission its top four-star rating 12 years in a row, a distinction shared by less than one percent of the charities rated by the organization.  Since its inception, Water Mission has felt called to a two-part strategy. Part one is to implement best in class safe water projects to save people’s lives. Part two is to be a resource to other global implementing organizations in order to achieve transformational scale in the rate at which people’s lives are saved.  For the last nine years, we have witnessed the Lord’s blessing of this ministry that has positioned us to accomplish our strategy. Significant and sustained growth in the ministry is now requiring that we restructure our current organizational structure and recruit experienced and highly talented executive leaders. Learn more about Water Mission at watermission.org.

Position Summary:

The Volunteer Program Coordinator is responsible for developing and implementing a best-in-class strategic volunteer program that is implemented at the Water Mission headquarters in North Charleston, SC. This position is responsible for implementing the High Impact Volunteer model – recruiting, selecting, equipping, placing and scheduling daily and weekly volunteers who serve in a variety of roles at Water Mission’s headquarters. The Volunteer Coordinator will work interdepartmentally to identify volunteer opportunities, place volunteers in roles according to their giftings, and equip staff in leading volunteers. In addition, this position will work with the Director to develop a local and national prayer network that will support the ministry of Water Mission through prayer.   

Position Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a strong Christian witness to colleagues, vendors, donors, charitable beneficiaries, and general public. 

  • Maintain a high-level knowledge of Water Mission’s projects and activities which require funding and all practices that impact donors and volunteers. 

  • Develop and implement a High Impact Volunteer model that recruits, selects, equips, leads volunteers, and develops volunteer leaders who are aligned with Water Mission’s core values of love, excellence, and integrity.

  • Work interdepartmentally to identify ministry needs and corresponding volunteer roles; works with those departments to select, equip, and lead volunteers that further the mission of Water Mission. 

  • Work with the Marketing and Communications Department to develop a media strategy that shares volunteer stories and communicates the message of Water Mission in a powerful way resulting in highly qualified volunteer prospects who align with Water Mission’s core values. 

  • Develop, implement, and communicate a system for receiving applications and tracking volunteer prospects through the interview, selection and placement process. 

  • Develop a system for giving and receiving regular feedback, yearly evaluations, experience surveys, etc.  

  • Develop and implement a recognition and retention plan that builds one-on-one relationships, provides a platform for transparent two-way communications, and celebrates and honors volunteers throughout the year. This could include but is not limited to an annual volunteer appreciation dinner, yearly recognition award, personal notes of encouragement, annual participant survey, etc. 

  • Maintain and develop appropriate use of technology to schedule and communicate with volunteers. In addition, maintain and develop use of Blackbaud Raisers Edge database to track statistical information and program records.

  • Oversee, coordinate, and, when needed, host tours at Water Mission headquarters in North Charleston including recruiting, selecting and training tour guides and identifying future speakers for a local Speaker’s Bureau. 

  • Work in conjunction with the Director of Events & Engagement to oversee and support Educators Think Tank, volunteer-driven initiative that creates awareness of the global water crisis in public and private schools in the greater Charleston area.

  • Support the efforts of the Charleston Walk for Water by serving on the Walk committee, providing volunteers for Walk day, and coordinating volunteers on the day of the event. In addition, provide volunteer support for other special fundraising events, donor events and internal events as needed.

  • Work in conjunction with the Director to recruit, select, equip and lead a local volunteer prayer team that meets monthly to pray for the work of Water Mission. In addition, work to develop and implement a national and international prayer network. 

Qualifications Required:

  • Personal and living relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior. 

  • Alignment with Water Mission’s Statement of Faith and Core Values of Love, Excellence, and Integrity. 

  • Alignment with the principles of servant leadership as embraced by Water Mission. 

  • BA or BS in Business Administration, Human Resources, Marketing and Public Relations, and/or Communications is preferred.

  • Passion and calling to develop strong relationships with others who are passionate about solving the global water crisis. 

  • Previous experience leading and developing volunteers and volunteer teams is preferred. 

  • Proficiency with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge software preferred.


Results Orientation

  • Sets stretch goals.

  • Strives to achieve goals. 

  • Develops standards against which to measure behavior and performance. 

Relationship Building 

  • Develops rapport easily with a variety of people. 

  • Modifies communication style to fit the personality culture of others. 

Concern for Quality

  • Carefully prepares materials, approaches, and resources. 

  • Monitors accuracy and quality of other’s work and takes action to correct mistakes.

Stress Management

  • Remains calm under pressure.

  • Expresses emotions in ways that relieve stress without damaging relationships and productivity. 


  • Fulfills commitments to other team members. 

  • Elicits feedback from internal and external customers to monitor their satisfaction. 

Interested, qualified applicants should apply at: https://watermission.org/careers/