VP of Academic Affairs, WCIU


The Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) serves as the Chief Academic Officer for William Carey International University. The VPAA is the key individual responsible for supervising the academic activities of the university. She or he will be responsible to see that strategic plans are created, coordinated, and implemented that generate growth and development in all educational areas. 

The VPAA reports directly to the President and is part of the University Leadership Team along with the Director of Agency Relationships, the Academic Dean, and the Chief Operations Officer (COO). As such the VPAA is directly involved in strategic planning and major decisions related to the university academic functions, its operations, and its finances.

The VPAA provides general supervision and support to the Academic Dean, the Registrar, and the Accreditation Compliance Officer, who report to her/him. 


  1. The VPAA works with the University Leadership Team in: 

    1. the development and execution of strategic plans for WCIU 

    2. assisting the CFO and President in developing and managing the WCIU Academics budget 

    3. assisting the President and university leadership in the development of business plans 

    4. establishing and enforcing academic policies and procedures

    5. supervising all matters related to program administration, student services, and registrar functions

    6. assisting the President in marketing decisions and activities

  2. The VPAA, working with the Academic Dean and Registrar will oversee the day to day Academic operations of the university through regularly scheduled Academic Leadership Team meetings.

  3. The VPAA is a standing member of the Academic Dean’s Academic Affairs Team and supports the dean and this team in administration of:

    1. general program oversight and direction 

    2. faculty recruitment and orientation 

    3. course evaluations and ongoing development 

    4. program changes or additions informed by assessments and market research 

    5. faculty performance evaluation 

    6. faculty remuneration 

  4. The VPAA supports the Registrar and his administrative team in:

    1. execution of WCIU’s assessment plan, and the metrics used to track and evaluate the quality of existing programs and systems 

    2. compliance with state licensing regulations (BPPE), accreditation requirements (DEAC), and other regulations and policies governing the university 

    3. communication to staff of program priorities and performance standards and monitoring operations using these criteria 

    4. monitoring of student attrition and assisting with administrative and program issues relating to retention 

    5. developing strategies to achieve desired organizational results in areas of customer satisfaction, student retention, graduation rates, and satisfactory student progress.

  5. The VPAA collaborates with the President and marketing staff in generating, executing, and assessing marketing strategies:

    1. providing input for identifying industry trends and needs through ongoing stakeholder assessments, and the work of academic councils

    2. assessing the relevance and quality of programs, and planning for needed modifications and changes 

    3. assists with assessing the results of marketing and sales efforts and assures and allocates funds accordingly

    4. taking initiative in the creation of new programs and offerings that respond to market research and enhance the university’s industry standing 

  6. The VPAA has general oversight of Academic staff:

    1. provides for regular faculty and staff reviews by supervisors and addresses issues that need attention 

    2. approves professional development initiatives of faculty and staff

    3. provides ongoing training through Academic staff meetings and similar venues

    4. works with the WCIU Human Resources department and regularly reviews Academic staff job descriptions to ensure compliance with industry standards and work loads

  7. The VPAA has general oversight over the technology infrastructure used to provide WCIU’s educational offerings

    1. works with the faculty and staff to ensure that all technology is functioning properly

    2. works with faculty and staff to provide training in competent use of the technology

    3. works with IT to ensure timely resolution to technology disruptions

    4. helps identify innovative, cost-effective technologies that will enhance WCIU’s mission

  8. The VPAA works with the Accreditation Compliance Officer to ensure that the institution’s accreditation, institutional effectiveness, and outcomes assessment cycles are functioning.

    1. Works with the ACO to maintain all accrediting standards and reporting

    2. Manages the ACO’s processes to ensure that the Strategic Plan is being implemented and monitored

    3. Works with the ACO to make sure that institutional effectiveness data is being gathered and analyzed according to the annual calendar

    4. Monitors that the ACO is facilitating and gathering data from the academic outcomes assessment processes.

  9. The VPAA coordinates management of the WCIU Library and the Ralph D. Winter Research Center with the Library staff (WCIU and PCC) and the RDWRC Director.

    1. The VPAA manages the library sharing agreement with Providence Christian College since the Latourette Library resources are shared by both schools.

    2. The VPAA works with WCIU Library staff to manage library operations for WCIU

    3. The VPAA also works with the RDW Research Center Director and Library staff to coordinate holdings and services between the inter-related entities.


  1. Accredited PhD, EdD, or other terminal degree in an Education-related field 

  2. Five or more years of management or supervisory experience in a higher education institution and with distance education particularly

  3. Five or more years of experience with accreditation compliance and processes

  4. Five or more years of experience in intercultural service or work that enables her or him to understand WCIU’s unique intercultural, interdisciplinary, and international development program

  5. Demonstrates strategic thinking combined with strong executive skills

  6. Has proven experience in implementing plans successfully through work teams 

  7. Is a systems thinker and can make systems and procedures work 

  8. Can multi-task and keep track of multiple reporting relationships and responsibilities 

  9. Can make informed decisions regarding technology and its use in education

  10. Demonstrates a stated calling and commitment to the mission of the university

  11. Is familiar with and committed to the Frontier Missiology that is inherent to WCIU’s curriculum, positioning, and programming.

Inquiries and applications should be directed to WCIU President Kevin Higgins (kevin.higgins@wciu.edu).