We Are Meant To Be In Community

At Accord Network we cultivate a community where Christ-centered organizations, churches, and individuals leverage their combined learning to achieve the best in relief and development. 

Our members help each other reach their full potential by operating in community—sharing knowledge, skills, and support with one another. Our members are not limited to their own learning curve—they have ready access to the collective knowledge of 110,000 employees that collectively leverage over $4.4 billion of resources annually. 


Origins of Accord Network

Four decades ago, the president of Food for the Hungry responded to disasters in Guatemala and Bangladesh.  But frustratingly, he found himself waiting in line at foreign ministry offices.  It was suggested that the Christian organizations would be stronger if they worked together.

He returned to the US resolved to start a community of “like minded organizations” and they first met in 1977 in Wheaton, IL.  Twelve agencies came, including MAPWorld VisionWorld ConcernMAF, and World Relief.  They wanted to reduce the prevailing feeling of competitiveness between them.  According to one of the participants, "We wanted to be a fraternity, a place to fellowship, to see each other as colleagues and to profit by getting together.”

And Accord Network was born.  They invited additional agencies that were:

  • Christ-focused

  • Professionally and fiduciary-responsible

  • Ministry-focused on relief and development

Their vision was that “all Christian relief and development professionals and agencies base their initiatives on biblical principles and work to re-engage the Church in holistic ministry among the poor and needy.” The network incorporated in 1978 as AERDO (The Association of Evangelical Relief and Development Organizations).  In 2010, the membership voted to change the name to Accord Network.


GIK Standards — Our GIK standards became the “first” among the NGO community and have been referenced by InterAction, USAID and the IRS.

Accord Alliances — Our members band together to facilitate learning and collaborate through alliances.  Current alliances include the Gifts-in-Kind Alliance, Accord WASH Alliance,  Accord Advocacy Alliance, and the Accord Development Research Network.

Annual Learning Events — We act as host to the OneAccord Forum and Executive Retreats.

HIV/AIDS Alliance — Between 2003 and 2010, more than a dozen of our members came together to compete for HIV/AIDS grants under PEPFAR.  By combining their strengths and resources, the collaboration and its members secured more than $40 million in grants from USAID.

Information Sharing, Conference Calls, and Webinars — We share news on political developments, inform members of opportunities from other networks through webinars and conference calls on issues of interest (e.g. hiring rights, evidence-based programming).

Publications — in the 1990’s we published professional works on selected Relief/Development topics such as Creation Care, What’s Christian about Christian Relief and Development? Principles of Development, etc.

Co-Mission — We participated in the “CoMission” with 85 Christian agencies working to provide relief, development Christian witness in Russian schools following the fall of the Iron Curtain (1993-2001).