Being a member of the Accord Network is one of the most important decisions your organization can make.

Accord members receive added value to their organization in three key ways:



Together, we form a United Voice for Christian relief and development, and that voice is heard in DC. Our members are changing the world, and we at Accord are committed to making sure DC doesn't make that any more difficult on you.

Be heard with us!



Our members are experts. They believe it is best to share their expertise with one another. Why reinvent the wheel? Accord provides webinars, retreats, and forums to showcase the amazing achievements and abilities of our members.

Come learn with us!



Christianity is hinged on relationship. It's what gives our lives and our work meaning. Our members are committed to creating and maintaining a thriving atmosphere of community that is one of the strongest elements of our network.

Come join us!

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Staying up-to-date on anything these days is difficult and time-consuming. Accord gets that. So we created a weekly email just for you! The Thursday Three covers important topics in relief and development, and is always just three quick updates.

Your time is important!

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