Let's Learn Together

Accord Network members understand that we are stronger when we learn together and work together.

Check out these sector-based collaborations between Accord Network agencies:

Accord Executives

Accord Executives (CEOs) receive special communications from Accord Network about developments in the industry, red flags of possible problems on the horizon, and invitations to our annual Executive Retreat. This retreat is a unique opportunity for leaders to bring their largest problems to a confidential peer group for strategic advice and ongoing prayer.

Accord WASH Alliance

The Accord WASH Alliance is a collaboration of Accord members and other Christian professionals working in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) sector. The Alliance seeks to build relationships and promote excellence, with a particular focus on WASH in the context of Integral Mission.

The Accord Summit on Excellence in WASH serves as an anchor meeting for the Alliance, and is held each fall as part of Accord’s annual Developing Excellence Forum. Throughout the remainder of the year, the alliance takes the form of a Steering Committee that meets regularly and a number of standing Working Groups. Visit the WASH Alliance website to learn more: wash.accordnetwork.org.

Accord Research Alliance (ARA)

The Accord Research Alliance facilitates a learning community around measuring what matters in Christ-centered relief and development. The ARA recently launched The Accord Research Alliance Podcast as a way for members to share experiences, resources, and tools; and to facilitate sharing of best practices to support our community of practice. Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite Podcast App or listen on Soundcloud.

The ARA is led by a steering committee with contributing members from the following Accord Network member organizations:

Asbury Theological Seminary
Eastern University
Living Water International
Water Mission
World Relief

Global Relief Alliance (GRA)

The Global Relief Alliance (GRA) is a confederacy of like-minded and complementary North American disaster preparedness and response implementing agencies.  It is an adaptive structure that convenes by conference call as required and by annual meeting at the Accord's Developing Excellence Forum.  Organizational relationships are maintained at the level of the disaster response directors.  Member organizations elect to participate in collective relief, based on their focus and capacity.  GRA member organizations include:

  • Cross International

  • Engineering Ministries International

  • Food for the Hungry

  • MAP International

  • Medical Teams International

  • Missionary Aviation Fellowship

  • World Concern

  • World Relief

  • World Renew

Accord GIK Alliance

The Accord Gifts-In-Kind (GIK) Alliance focuses its efforts on strengthening the overall understanding of current trends in the GIK world and where possible, bring consistency to the work of its members. In 2009, the GIK Alliance consulted with key stakeholders throughout the industry and updated its GIK standards.

Review the GIK Standards PDF